Kimberly Rose was born on South Beach and grew up in Coconut Grove, a small, bayside village in Miami.  She spent many summers in Switzerland, where her mom was born, speaking French, her first language, and developing a love for all things literary. At the same time, growing up in polygot Miami exposed her to a multitude of Latin American cultures and languages.

Two of her one-act plays have recently been performed in the Boston area. “Red Shoes” was produced as part of Barstool Stories in September 2017 and “Social Disaster” was performed as part of Play In a Day in April 2017.  Kim has been publishing creative nonfiction and short stories for over 20 years in newspapers, magazines, and books. These include The Miami Herald,  online at Wraparound South, Smith Magazine,  Yahoo! and Medium (where she is in the top 10% of writers and readers).  She worked as a contributing writer for the South Florida Sun Sentinel’s XS, writing feature stories on alternative energy, art and a controversial restaurant review.  She was also a regular contributor to The Superyachts annual book, Boat International magazine and PostMortem, the first weekly South Beach newspaper.

Her short story “Photo Finish” is included in the book The Moment (Harper Perennial 2012) and was featured on NPR’s Talk of the Nation.  She is a regular contributor to the Six Word Memoir Series as well.  She lives in Boston with her three children, who are all really good writers and readers.

Short Version (for presenters):

Kimberly Rose has written one-act plays, two of which were performed in 2017, and she has been publishing creative nonfiction, short stories, and feature articles for newspapers, magazines and books locally and internationally for over 20 years. Some places she has published stories include The Miami Herald, The South Florida Sun Sentinel, Wraparound South, Yahoo! and Medium (where she is in the top 10% of writers and readers).  Her acclaimed short story, “Photo Finish” is included in the book The Moment (Harper Perennial 2012) and was featured on NPR’s Talk of the Nation.




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