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A Play About Food

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 7pm 
Somerville, Massachusetts

Burren Backroom series

Starring Christina Kostoulakos, Eli Escobar, Alyson Muzila and Martine Assaf.
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“Butter” is a comedic one-act play about food centered around a girls night out in a Boston restaurant. Ava, played by Christina Kostoulakos, gets bad news via her iPhone that her tests confirm she has celiac. Already lactose intolerant, she contemplates a life without pizza, bread & butter, mac n cheese.. as her friends pig out on pizza and bread .. and yes, butter.  Written and directed by Kimberly Rose, the ensemble cast is Christina Kostoulakos, Eli Escobar, Alyson Muzila and Martine Assaf.

What happens to Ava as she faces a life without pizza is a “permanent crisis” we can all relate to.  What happens when we deny ourselves what we really want.. whether it’s butter.. or pizza… or …?

“Everyone has a food story,” says Kimberly Rose, the playwright, director and producer. What kept popping up as we rehearsed was food confessions like ‘Oh my God, I hate half the pizza in my car before I even left the parking lot’ or  ‘Yes, I ate the whole cake.’We all have stories about special diets and denying ourselves some type of food .. and really wanting it.  And it feels good to get it off our backs and talk about it.”

Butter’s unique format includes an element of improv and a surprise appearance by a cranky waiter. ..After the show, there will be a talkback, moderated by Bethany Van Delft where the audience will have a chance to share their food stories and food confessions for a possible inclusion in the next iteration of the play (time & place TBD).

Kimberly Rose is a playwright, short story author and former journalist who wrote two one-act plays that were performed in the Boston metro area in 2017 to audience acclaim at Play In A Day in Natick, Mass and as part of Barstool Stories in Brighton. Kim has also presented readings and storytellings from her short stories throughout New York City and New England. Kim has published articles, memoir and short stories online and for newspapers, magazines and books such as The Miami Herald, The South Florida Sun Sentinel, Wraparound South, Yahoo! and Medium (where she was in the top 10% of writers and readers in 2016). Her short story, “Photo Finish” was featured on NPR’s Talk of the Nation.

Why a comedy about food?   “Well, firstly I love food. I’m a foodie and so are my kids; my mom and dad were too.  I had so many funny and painful experiences about food.. and I know others do too. And I don’t see anything out there truly focused on food in a funny way in the theater or on film.  So, I just want to make people laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. And we all need some comic relief right now.  At the same time, I want to represent and re-create onstage and on-screen the diverse beauty I see around me in ‘real life.’  What does it look like when I go out for a meal with my girlfriends? Or walk down the street? I see people of all shapes and sizes, all skin tones, ethnicities, and ages. However, I don’t see that on the big screen or the little screen for women or men, but especially for women.. Theater definitely does a better job of representing women but we’ve got a long way to go. A long way.  So I am deeply motivated to write parts for strong and complex female protagonists so that we can be seen and heard.  I want to create and recreate  multifaceted, multidimensional characters that represent the beauty and truth of reality.”

“Red Shoes”  (The Play)

Performed and produced by Barstool Stories, an Evening of One-Act Plays
September 17, 2017
Brighton, Massachusetts

Written and directed by Kimberly Rose
Song “Red Shoes Blues” by Kimberly Rose
Starting Mindo Britto, Brian Hutchings and Cory Scott 


“Social Disaster”

Performed and produced by Play in A Day
April 29, 2017
Natick, Massachusetts

Written by Kimberly Rose
Directed by Evan Schneider
Starting Arissa Page, Mark Haggett and Isabelle Assaf.

Video upon request.