In doing so, amid laughter and very physical comedy, BUTTER raises important questions about our relationships with food & eating in a society constantly judging how Instagram-able our bodies and plates are.
BUTTER is a comedy that joyously celebrates eating – the messy,
finger-licking-good enjoyment of baby back ribs; cheesy, crusty pizza, warm bread soaked with butter…

Great way to address the relationship we all have with food. We love it, we crave it, we deny ourselves it, we share it, we talk about it. Thank you for a fabulous evening ….food for thought”
—Liz S., live audience member
The Burren Backroom, Somerville, Massachusetts, October 2018

BUTTER was purposefully created and cast to represent a wide variety of women
of all identities, sizes, ages and ethnicities.
BUTTER is a comedy about food & eating, centering around three women
having dinner at a local restaurant during a Girls Night Out. Written and directed
by Kimberly Rose, this comedy explores what happens when we deny our
deepest cravings, when “food guilt” rules our lives and we lose touch with
the simple pleasures….?
FORMATS: 25 Min Sketch Comedy
One-Act Comedy, Episodic Series, Short film