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A Play About Food

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 7pm 
Somerville, Massachusetts

Burren Backroom series
Written & Directed by Kimberly Rose
Starring Christina Kostoulakos, Eli Escobar, Alyson Muzila, Martine Assaf and Corey Scott.
Associate Producer: Alin Halajian Photographer: Aaron Emmanuel Videographer: Cathy Ye

"Butter", a play by Kimberly Rose WriterFood is everything,” said Anthony Bourdain, an endless source of inspiration for a writing foodie like myself. There is so much that comes up with women and food: food as love, our role as nurturing chefs & cooks & moms, providers of sustenance…Then there is food as enemy when we have allergies, Crohn’s, or celiac (which I might have); weight issues; the love vs hate of our bodies that eating brings out – self love, eating disorders, fat shaming and more. All these come up in my play, Butter, a play about food (and eating).

During the one-act play, three girlfriends meet for dinner in a restaurant but things quickly get out of control as food cravings and “ultra-sensitivities” clash. One of the women is very logical and OCD, an uber-organic, weight-obsessed yogi, the other is more passionate and impulsive. The chemistry of this ensemble of amazing actors (Martine Assaf, Eli Escobar, Christina Kostoulakos, Alyson Muzila and Cory Scott as cranky Kyle the Waiter) was palpable on the stage to the SRO audience at The Burren Backroom in Somerville, on October 16th.

My main goal for this comedy is, of course, to make people laugh. But I am also fueled by a desire to create roles for complex female protagonists on stage and on screen, featuring actresses that represent the diversity and beauty of real women. It’s very important to me that my stories, cast and crew represent this beautiful, true reality of the world I see around me. Jessica Chastain said after judging at Cannes last year: “…I do hope that when we include more female storytellers, we will have more of the women I recognize in my day to day life, those who are proactive, have their own agency, don’t just react to the men around them, they have their own point of view.”

Butter_IMG_9042-300x186Women are indeed multidimensional, and multi-faceted (like a diamond), not two dimensional (like a cartoon). For me, this “real reality” includes the diversity of women of all sizes, shapes, skin tones & orientations. #RealWomen #Realsizes #RealLife.

The format of the evening was different by design. After our hilarious opening act by the nationally renowned comedian Bethany Van Delft, the play itself is 30 minutes long, the same as a sitcom, followed by a talkback. The play just seemed to naturally morph into this 30 min web-series length. Perhaps we will two or more “episodes” on stage next time, each exploring the same topic. A web series would be an organic next step or short film as well.

During the talkback, we discussed the play and the issues the play brings up around eating and food: fat shaming, body love, denying cravings, eating out with allergies, etc. While the play was meant to be more experiential and emotional, for the talkback we encouraged a more intellectual discussion and exploration of food issues. Based on how many audience members had questions, participated, and contacted me after the talkback and since then, I’d say we have hit on a “hot” theme that we look forward to exploring in many different formats, including possibly at colleges and high schools. I would love to use the play as a medium for discussing the pressures kids of all genders via on social media around not being perfect and not having a perfect Instagrammable (fake) body or face. We could use a 10-minute version of the play or film, or just a video of the play beforehand.

I am currently adapting “Butter” to a serial sitcom or webseries and/or short film. Stay tuned and if you’d like to participate, let me know! (This article originally appeared as a blog post for Women In Film and Video, New England

“Red Shoes”  (The Play)

Performed and produced by Barstool Stories, an Evening of One-Act Plays
September 17, 2017
Brighton, Massachusetts

Written and directed by Kimberly Rose
Song “Red Shoes Blues” by Kimberly Rose
Starting Mindo Britto, Brian Hutchings and Cory Scott


“Social Disaster”

Performed and produced by Play in A Day
April 29, 2017
Natick, Massachusetts

Written by Kimberly Rose
Directed by Evan Schneider
Starting Arissa Page, Mark Haggett and Isabelle Assaf.

Video upon request.