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June 19, 2012, “The Moment”  Guest: Larry Smith, editor of Smith magazine, “The Moment,” and co-author of Six Word Memoirs.  I was a call-in guest.



Listen to Neil Conan, Host of NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” select my story to discuss while interviewing Larry Smith, editor of “The Moment.” (apx 4 minutes into interview).

Read the NPR Talk of the Nation interview transcript


SMITH: Well, you know, you try to put these things away from you, and so many of the stories in this book are about things that happened when writers – and they’re now some 40s, 50s and their 60s – were teenagers, some 6 or 7. Elizabeth Gilbert talks about being about 5 years old and overhearing her parents talk like adults. And her moment at 5, which was both scary and awful, was, oh, my God; my parents have lives outside of taking care of me. And you know, Elizabeth Gilbert has traveled the world and written about so many amazing moments. But 5 years old – it sort of set her worldview in motion.

CONAN: I was taken by the story Kimberly Rose wrote, called “Photo Finish,” where she gets a packet of photographs her husband had taken at her daughter’s 2-year-old birthday party and realized she was in none of them, and had not been in any pictures her husband had taken since they were married; that he didn’t love her and never did.

SMITH: So Kimberly Rose is why I started Smith magazine. She saw this prompt – who knows where – on Facebook, a newsletter – … and she decides to think about a moment that changed her life. And it’s this – she’s sitting outside of a like, CVS Pharmacy, opening up these pictures that she was picking up from the family camera. And she realizes she is not part of her husband’s life, part of the story. There’s no pictures of her. And at that moment, she decides she needed to get a divorce. And there’s a great ending in that story, which is that she then gets some professional photos taken of herself, and she just looks at those photos and feels like, I did it. I changed my life.

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Heard on Talk of the Nation
January 3, 2012 – NEAL CONAN, HOST


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